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Mian Rahim Mohammad

Mian Rahim Mohammad
Trading Companies

Kingdom Group is developing industries and a commercial logistic center in the GCC region. The company focuses on industries such as wood and metal base. We are also developing logistic centers, commercial properties, and industrial real estate.
Our focus is to cater the need of immediate available facilities for the new FDI coming
to the GCC region. The group has developed wood-based panel lamination industry, such as MDF, HPL and plywood. Moreover, in the field of metal, we are developing a surface coating facility for different metals. Kingdom Group is developing multiple logistic centres for its own logistic business.
We are also developing industrial and commercial real estate for short- and long-term lease. The property size starts from 2,000 sq. ft to 100,000 sq. ft multiple units with high powered electricity enabled according to the demand of coming industry in the region. Kingdom Group is aligning itself to the UAE government’s 2035 industrialization vision, with the expectation of 10,000 new industries set up in the GCC by 2035. Kingdom Group
aims to make investments and build on a diverse portfolio in commercial
assets which will be available to the corporate investors in future.