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Ahmed Shaikhani

Ahmed Shaikhani
Real Estate
Shaikhani Group of Companies

“I would rather be completely exhausted from the hard times which breed success…then well rested from achieving nothing “ – Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani’ s journey exemplifies the above statement to the fullest.

Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani is the driving force behind Shaikhani Group’s operations across 90 countries. Shaikhani Group owes a lot to Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani as it enters the 30th year of its existence. Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani has demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen in an array of fields including trade and retail, industry, manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, and automobile industry.

Having attained a bachelor’s degree from premier institute in Pakistan and master’s degree from a renowned university in the UAS, he possesses a sharp understanding of global markets and in-depth insight into the functioning of economies and international legalities and legislation, Mr. Ahmed has proven his mettle in quality, operations control, and strategic planning. He is also credited with introducing policies and procedures that helped enhance Memon’s international standing.

Having put an exceptional team in place for their global operations, he now is dedicated to put another network in place that aims at helping the fellow humans through various organizations, groups, and concepts.


  • President, Pakistan Business Council Dubai -Operating under the patronage of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani’s presidential leadership, the organization aims at providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to operate and flourish under the guidance of the group.
  • Trustee and Deputy Secretary General, The World Memon Organisation – The World Memon Organisation (WMO) is an international umbrella organization of the Memon Community serving humanity through its eight chapters based in Pakistan, India, Far East, Middle East, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Europe, and North America.
  • Chairman, The Rabia Charitable Foundation – Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani heads the Rabia Charitable Foundation, a charity organization that has spanned a prolific 19 years specially formed to alleviate the burdens of poverty, promote quality education and healthcare, support for children with special needs, and works closely with NGOs worldwide creating employment opportunities. The has built schools and computer institutes with subsidized fees, mosques, hospitals that offer subsidized rates for the general public and free treatment for registered and homeless people, units with self-generating income facilities and housing projects that presently shelters over 3,200 families.
  • The Shaikhani Foundation is a subsidiary of the Shaikhani Group of Companies. The foundation’s aim is to promote the well-being of today’s society and has led various initiatives and projects that have been created for the purpose of extending assistance and aid to people in desperate need. The vision of the Shaikhani Foundation is ‘to serve humanity in the light of Islamic teaching, regardless of caste, creed and religion.’ DARD, one of the foundation’s latest undertakings, is a joint effort between the Shaikhani Foundation and the WMO that aims to provide relief and rescue efforts to flood victims.
  • The Pakistan Association Dubai – An active member of group that aims at bringing the Pakistani’s in the UAE together on various platforms from sports meets to charitable events to offering jobs to the needy to religious events. He is accredited with organizing several of the mentioned events successfully.
  • The CEO Club – An active member of CEO Clubs UAE which is a chapter of CEO Clubs Network the World Largest Business Networking Club, an over three decade old by invitation only membership organization. A platform that provides profound exchanges of ideas, innovations, best practices etc which in turn develops into several folds and comes back to the common man.
  • The International Chamber of Commerce – ICC-UAE aims to foster a competitive and healthy environment which benefits all businesses in the UAE, to voice the interest of the UAE economic communities worldwide and to lead the role for setting rules and standards for the conduct of international trade. As a key member of this organization, Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani makes his contribution to the economic environment and the framework.
  • Advisor to PM Committee of Overseas Pakistan Foundation – This committee from by the Overseas Ministry to accommodate overseas Pakistani loving abroad. The main focus of this Committee is to address the issues of Pakistani residing worldwide. The foundation will make efforts to enhance the contributions of overseas Pakistanis towards the development and progress of Pakistan through their remittances, investments, and technological expertise.


Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani is the Managing Director of following companies worldwide:

  • The Shaikhani Group is a multi-billion-dollar international business conglomerate with diversified interests in Real Estate Development, Trading, Manufacturing, and IT. Headquartered in Dubai following a corporate restructuring, the Group is spread across 90 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Real Estate
  • Real Estate Development and Promotion: Through its group companies based in the Middle East and Asia, the Shaikhani Group caters to real estate project development and promotion. Some of the projects launched and developed are the Champions Towers series, Frankfurt Sports Tower in Dubai Sports City, Cambridge Business Center in Dubai Silicon Oasis, the Gardenia series and Frankfurt Tower in Jumeirah Village Circle. The real estate division focuses on investment-driven projects and utilizes its core business competencies of acquisition, consultancy, design and development, and leasing and management of properties, all executed in a timely and ecologically friendly manner to meet the demands of a booming real estate industry.

In addition, the group also operates Pakistan’s leading real estate development and contracting company that maintains key projects across strategic locations like Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gwadar and also in other points in the Middle East region. Established in 1978 as a real estate brokerage agency, the real estate division provides unique investment opportunities and services that at strengthening Pakistan’s real estate segment.

  • Shaikhani Contracting is a proud subsidiary of the multinational diversified group, the Shaikhani Group. The company leverages its parent company’s three decades of expertise in the real estate market and incorporates the Group’s emphasis on exemplary client servicing in delivering a wide array of services, including HVAC and MEP; glass, aluminum, and cladding works; joinery, metal, and cabinet, civil, flooring works; and insulation contracting.
  • Takmeel is the Facility Management arm of the Shaikhani Group, a multibillion dollar business conglomerate with interest in real estate development, trading, manufacturing, and IT. The firm specializes in the provision of key services like design & concept, construction & project management, value engineering and turnkey interior designing solution & property management for the GCC region in general and the UAE in particular, it operates with a key focus on residential design solutions.
  • Rubber World Industries, the leading manufacturer of closed-cell rubber insulation ‘Gulf-O-flex’, in the Gulf and Southeast Asia, is the pioneering project of the international business conglomerate, the Shaikhani Group of Companies.
  • Gulf O Flex Trading is the trading arm of Shaikhani Group of companies having its dealers & distributors network across the globe. It aims to provide a one window solution to all the HVAC related material requirements of its customers. Gulf O Flex trading continues to grow its presence globally, particularly in the MENA region with an impressive portfolio of customers involved in its major projects all over the world. Gulf-O-flex is ASTM certified and has also received the ISO-9002 Certification from BSI (British Standard Institute) which proves the company’s commitment towards excellent international quality.
  • Shaikhani Autos is a key dealer of new & used cars from the USA. The dealership ably offers affordably priced automobiles for the United States & Middle East markets. The auto dealership’s broad portfolio of secondhand vehicles, which are sourced from the United States and Japan, are accident free and have incurred low mileage.
  • De-Express is a mission driven organization providing world-class strategic BPO services to leading European Energy Service Providers and their consumers. Based in Karachi, Pakistan, the company gives priority to technological updates and the adoption of new technologies. De-Express offices are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art systems and gadgets to ensure the provision of key services to its rapidly growing customer base.
  • Food Chain: MS Britannia LTD has a series of franchises, a food griller chain in the UK, and the group will be introducing 10 branches in the UAE. MS UK Food LTD is another food chain of Rio Peri Peri Chicken in London.